These webinars, hosted by Brotherhood Mutual, are free for your use. They cover a wide range of topics and are discussed by experts in the field.

Description: Payroll administration can be one of the most complex tasts that churches face. Tax laws are often complicated, and it can be difficult for ministry leaders to find answers to their payroll questions.  This webinar includes in-depth discussions to five payroll topics that present challenges for church leaders.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: In an ever-changing world, ministries must confront a variety of complicated issues on a regular basis. Protect your ministry by getting up to speed on the most common legal matters facing today's churches.

Time: Approximately 1:32


Description: As the issues that plague the world make their way to churches, more and more ministries are forming safety and security teams to help protect their people, property, and ministries. Once you have a team, how do you deploy it and ensure that it functions as an effective ministry?

Time: Approximately 68 minutes


Description: No matter how many people your ministry employs, you may be required to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA includes unique conditions for ministries regarding wages, overtime pay, child labor, and other issues. If you're unsure of how the act applies to your ministry and employees, now is the time to find out-- failure to comply can result in criminal prosecution, fines, and other penalities

Time: Appproximately 60 minutes


Description: Pastoral counseling allows clergy to help others in a one-to-one setting. It brings tremendous potential for healing, but also the risk of emotional entanglement. Well-meaning pastors who have entered inappropriate relationships with counselees have jeopardized their families, ministries, and careers. They've even gone to jail.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: Would you know what to do if you suspected a child at your ministry had been abused? In many states, ministry workers and volunteers are legally required to report child abuse if they become aware of it- even if the abuse occurs outside the church. To better protect the children in your ministry, it's imperative that all ministry workers and volunteers understand teh child abuse reporting laws that apply to them.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: How well do you know your workers? If they don't undergo a comprehensive background screening, the answer may not be as clear as you think. Background screening is an essential part of keeping aministry safe. This webinar will discuss background checks, and how they can help increase safety in your ministry.

Time: Approximately 57 minutes


Description: More and more churches are forming security teams and thinking about ministry safety. When assessing the church's security policies and procedures, it's important to consider the legal and insurance issues involved. This webinar will help churches protect themselves while protecting others.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: People who come to church- members and visitors alike- bring their issues with them. When the doors are open and the welcome mat rolled out, churches have to be prepared for who, and what, walks in. This webinar is perfect for any church, whether you are just forming a security team or looking for ways to improve existing security policies.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: Church finances can present a challenge, even to experienced treasurers. Whether it's overseeing credit card transactions or safeguarding the offering from fraud, pitfalls are plentiful. Stay on top of these issues with help from this free webinar.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: Nearly every church faces an important, but often challenging, task throuhout the month: payroll. Churches must follow important rules and requirements to avoid penalties-- and to make sure every pastor and employee's paychecks and withholdings are correctly handled.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: Reporting of child abuse in ministries is increasing. It's important to be aware of potential problems and ways you can prevent them. Don't miss this free webinar.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes


Description: Reporting of sexual harassment among ministry staff is increasing. It's important to be aware of potential problems and ways you can prevent them. Don't miss this free webinar.

Time: Approximately 50 minutes


Description: Employment issues as discrimination, wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, and other employee-related matters challenge ministry leaders now more thane ver before. Having policies in place can help prevent employment conflicts and bbetter equip churches and ministries to deal with workplace issues.

Time: Approximately 60 minutes