Barney Church Group: Customized Insurance Solutions

You could say that insurance runs in the family. It all began in 1958 when Lee Isaacson became a partner of Lundeen Isaacson Insurance in Holdrege, Nebraska. Over twenty years later he was joined by his son, Bob, and together they grew the agency. They expanded, purchasing Barney Insurance in Kearney, Nebraska and were joined by Dave Chally from Chicago, Illinois in 1991.


In 1996, Lee saw a need for an agency that focused solely on serving churches in the Nebraska area, and thus Barney Church Group was formed. Over time, two more branches of Barney Insurance were opened in Lexington and Lincoln (purchased from Pat Egan Insurance), and a new partner from Minnesota, John Korsmo, joined the team in 2007. Since then, the company solidified a focus in helping Nebraska ministries receive comprehensive coverage with reduced rates. Today, Barney Church Group is the leading independent insurer of ministries in the state.


Our agents have not only received specialized training to be able to work with ministries, but we also serve ministries in many other capacities. We understand the challenges that you’re presented with: budgets, deadlines, and the balance between operating your ministry like a business while maintaining the correct focus.


Everybody’s case is different. Let us sit down with you and hear your situation. In nearly every case, we are able to find areas of need in your package, as well as provide significant savings. Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.