Our Passion is Protecting Your Ministry...

Your ministry is unique.  Your insurance protection should be too.


Barney Church Group is an independent agency that specializes in serving the insurance needs of Christian churches, schools, camps and other related ministry organizations across Nebraska and Kansas. 


In addition to addressing the unique exposures ministries face today through insurance, we also provide valuable resources to our clients that help them protect their buildings, children, employees, members and visitors. 


Why are WE unique?


As our clients, you have total accessibility.  We live in an age of limited personal contact.  In the insurance industry, it is very common to be referred to a service center when you have questions on your policy.  While a service center can help with requests like removing a vehicle, they may not know your ministry personally.


A high percentage of our calls have nothing to do with a simple change like removing a vehicle.  Our calls from clients generally center around complex topics like...


How do we protect your children?  (We can help with that)


We are investigating forming a security team.  Where do we start?  Right here.


We are being sued by a former employee.  What do we do?  Start here.


Youth retreat starting TONIGHT.  Do you have a release form?  Of course we do!


It all comes down to this... What you do in your  ministry is fluid and it changes every day.  If you have a claim, of course we will take care of it, but that is the bare minimum.  Ministries today need a problem solver, who has taken the time to understand the complex issues that your organization faces, from a child with a severe peanut allergy, to knowing how to address an unaffiliated organization who would like to use your facility.  We can help with ALL of it. We are already serving nearly 600 ministries across the midwest.


Give us a call to discuss how we can help your ministry.  We would be honored for the opportunity!

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